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Kasturaba Balikashram

Welcome to Kasturaba Balikashram Hostel, a nurturing home away from home for girls seeking a supportive and empowering environment.

At Kasturaba Balikashram, we prioritize the holistic development and well-being of our residents, providing them with a safe and conducive space to learn, grow, and thrive.

Located in a serene and secure setting, our hostel offers a range of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Our well-appointed dormitories provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere, fostering camaraderie and a sense of belonging among the girls. Each room is equipped with comfortable beds, study desks, storage facilities, and adequate lighting to create an ideal environment for academic pursuits.

We believe in the importance of education and offer dedicated study areas within the hostel, providing students with a quiet and focused space to concentrate on their studies. Our well-stocked library caters to diverse interests and academic needs, encouraging a love for reading and expanding knowledge.

At Kasturaba Balikashram, we recognize the significance of a balanced lifestyle. We have a spacious dining hall where nutritious and delicious meals are served, ensuring that our residents receive wholesome and balanced nourishment. We take pride in promoting healthy eating habits and accommodate special dietary requirements.

To support the physical well-being of our residents, we offer various recreational facilities. Our hostel features a sports field, indoor games room, and a fitness center, providing ample opportunities for girls to engage in physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we organize regular yoga and meditation sessions to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

The hostel also places great emphasis on fostering personal and social development. Our dedicated staff members provide guidance, counseling, and mentorship to help girls navigate challenges, set goals, and build self-confidence. We organize workshops, seminars, and guest lectures on a variety of subjects to broaden horizons and encourage intellectual curiosity.

Safety and security are paramount at Kasturaba Balikashram. We have round-the-clock security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and a robust entry-exit system to ensure the well-being of our residents. Our hostel is designed to provide a secure and nurturing environment where girls can flourish and pursue their dreams without any concerns.

We also believe in community engagement and encourage our residents to participate in various social initiatives and volunteering activities. Through such experiences, we aim to instill a sense of empathy, social responsibility, and leadership qualities in our girls.

Kasturaba Balikashram Hostel is committed to empowering young girls, enabling them to reach their full potential and become independent and compassionate individuals. We provide a nurturing environment, comprehensive facilities, and a supportive community that fosters growth, learning, and self-discovery. Come join us and embark on an enriching journey of education, personal development, and friendship at Kasturaba Balikashram Hostel.

Padmashree Sardar Veeranagouda Patil along with his wife Smt. Nagamma Patil developed this institution with a number of educational institutions and hostels for the benefit of the poor and down trodden girls. He took keen interest in the upliftment of Harijans and hence he was chosen as President of Karnataka Harijan Provincial Board. At that time he started “Harijan Balikashram” at Hubli in 1934 which was second of its kind in whole India, next to Sabarmati Ashram, under the auspicious of Harijan Sevak Sangha, Delhi
In view of the changed outlook and the secular policy of our Govt. the name of this organization was changed as ‘Mahila Vidya Peeth’ and the girls hostel for Harijans was named as ‘Kasturaba Balikashram’ by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 25-12-1955.
Now, more than 50 girls hailing from the Backward classes are provided with free boarding & hostel facilities. This hostel is equipped with Audiovisual equipments, sports & recreation facilities for the inmates. They are given good education in our Primary School & High School

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