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Basantkumar Somani Hostel

Foundation Stone Laid by Smt. Indira Gandhi on 20-10-1955

This magnificent hostel building with 48 rooms, two halls, with all the infrastructure facilities was established in 1961: The hostel facilities are provided for our Trainees of Primary Teachers’ Training Course (D.Ed.) & Nursing Students coming from the rural areas. Apart from this, now more than 150 girl students are residing in this hostel.

Audio Visual (T.V. Radio) and Indoor and out-door games facilities are provided for this hostel inmates.

“Dr. J. K. Somani Trusts” of Bombay headed by Smt. Manorama Devi Somani & their trustees are extending the Financial assistance in maintaining and providing all the infrastructures and other facilities to make this Hostel as one of the Ideal Hostels in this part.

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